how i drew superman

don't know if anyone will take any interest in this. but here's 4 pics of 4 different stages of drawing superman.

stage 1
the roughest stage. this is where i picked my pose. pretty standard "posing" pose. just lines and circles. anything can be broken down into lines and circles. your average superhero is about 7 "heads" tall. a regular person is 6.

stage 2

puttin' meat on the bones. not too worried about detail at this point. want to make sure proportions are somewhat correct before committing lines. no face, just underwear. at this stage i noticed a few things about the proportions: head's too big. torso's too long. leg's too short. legs are in stupid stance. hello, eraser.

stage 3

this is the fun part. here's where i got to choose who i was drawing and for the sake of recognizability and simplicity, i picked the man of steel. basically, adding hair, a face and a costume. also moved his waist up, shrunk his head and tucked his back leg behind his fore leg a bit more for an even posier pose.

stage 4

this is normally the inking stage. didn't feel like it. so, basically, it's just using darker and more deliberate lines. this is done with the most care of all stages. even though i was using pencil, it's still hard to erase dark pencil lines (with a 2HB, anyways), so i used care. looking back, i wish i wouldn't have cross-hatched as much, or at all, but who cares?

the next stage would be coloring, which i may do tomorrow. or not. so.....

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  1. You are one fascinating guy! Wish I had a fraction of your talent.