Hello.  Growing up in a town of no more than 150 people, frankly, gets boring.  So I had to come up with things to do.  Sure I'd make up games, perform made-up episodes of television with my Transformers and GI Joe toys or stare at the little spikes of plaster at the top of the ceiling and make out shapes and forms like any normal, sane child.  But the one thing I remember doing and loving the most was drawing.  I couldn't even tell you when it started.  It's just always been something I loved to do.  Then I found comic books and my love grew exponentially.  Figures posing dynamically with pride or vengeance.  Landscapes filled with energy and vigor.  There's something magnetic about it all.  
Anyways, to make a boring story short, after high school I attended college at Iowa Lakes Community College, furthering my knowledge of art in general.  From there I was off to Iowa State University where I learned it wasn't about a grade point average when it came to art.  My first job was at Iowa State with their daily newspaper, drawing editorial cartoons and designing ads.  Ultimately, it was fun, but very stressful.  After that I got a job at the Ames Tribune, doing the same stuff, minus the cartoons.  Needing a change, I moved to Denver, CO hoping for opportunity and excitement.  Excitement was certainly there, but I ended up at another paper factory, doing the same thing I'd been doing all my life.  I needed a real change, so when one presents itself, I jump.  Head first.  Now here I am, back where I began (the smallest town ever), doing my best to continue creating and enjoying life!