my princess mononoke

this was a present for my love's birthday.  it's her and i dressed as mononoke and ashitaka for halloween.  i found this sweet frame at goodwill for a BUCK!  it had a faded beach photo in the background and a crappy poem screen printed onto the back of the glass.  i thought it was a neat effect and also thought i could do much better so i trashed the photo and scraped the print off the glass and digitally painted a background and us as the foreground.  i cut us out with an exacto knife and glued that to the back of the glass and placed the background in the back.  it's actually pretty cool, gives a nice 3D effect to the picture and i seriously thought long and hard about keeping it for myself!


couple of sketches.  the hulk was for the ozcomics weekly challenge and the batman was for the cutest most sincere two year old i know :)  the hulk is in pencil and bats in pen and sharpie.  both were done within weeks of each other and unsurprisingly are quite similar to each other...

cover of a cover

 here's a cover cover from thor 160.  it's hard to improve on the great Jack Kirby but I made a few adjustments like moving galactus above thor spatially and making him much larger to put him in a perceivablely "perilous" position.  i tried to match kirby's style as much as possible but a little of my own snuck in here and there.  you can see the differences from the original below:



a possible poster or shirt for the band unwavery.

run for the cob

a drawing i did for a run for the cob for running AAANNNNDDD cobs.