contest anyone?

okay. this may be the dumbest idea i've ever had, but, here's the deal. i've been doing this blog thing for a little while, and been fairly good about keeping up with it. anyways, i'm coming up on my 100th post - which is more than i ever thought i'd keep up with. soooo.... i wanted to try and do something special for it, because, well, why not? so after kicking around a few ideas, i've decided to hold a contest. yay!

i wanted to try and get people involved, so, i'm holding a contest for submissions for a new original character. could be funny, serious, superhero or not, dead or alive, girl or guy - anything you want. just make it original. make up a name, give them a background, interests, whatever. the realm is wide open so, you know, take some shrooms or whatever and go wild.

the winner will get his or her character drawn to life by me, posted as the 100th blogpost on wasting time in hatland and given full credit. but wait, that's not all. i'll also mail you the signed, original drawing to your very own home! it won't be worth jack shit, but you'll have your very own drawing of your very own character.

all you gotta do is email me at shatland@gmail.com with your idea, character name and description and some sort of relevant subject line, like "my fuckin sweet-ass character" or something. there's really no rules (i.e. restrictions of any kind or multiple submissions) so do whatever, man, whatever. if you win, i'll let you know before i draw/post it and get any other info i may need for drawing/mailing purposes.

if no one submits anything, i may just quit drawing altogether and live off donut holes behind a supermarket, reciting poems for people's spare change for the rest of my life. or i may just move on. ready... set... GO!


  1. I'm in! expect a drawing soon!

  2. My character's pretty sweet, you may have to draw a comic of his amazing transformation


  3. Can't wait to do this. I hope that multiple winners are selected. -shocker