star wars: fall of the jedi

here's a mock cover for a new star wars storyline (at least i dont think they've done this yet, but i really dont know).  takes place between the two trilogies and tells the story of how vader hunts down and kills all the jedi.  sprinkled in would be the story of how han solo rescues chewbacca and also boba fetts "revenge" where he finds out he's a clone and returns to camino and destroys and murders all the clones in a fit of rage. 

the entire image was inspired by Benvenuto Cellini's statue of Perseus holding up Medusa's head after slaying her.  a la THIS.

this one was entirely digital, done in photoshop.  my friend let me scan one of his old star wars comics for the logo and placement and the sun was a google image find. 

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