ipad, take2

a fellow co-worker recently purchased an ipad this weekend.  he told me i could play with it today.  i asked him what he wanted, he replied with something to the effect of:

"i want a liger.  with talons.  on fire.  with guns.  guns that shoot missiles"

this was what came out.

i REALLY NEED an ipad now.  actually getting to play with and spend time on a very good sketch app, nearly crushed any previous gripes.  i would still like a stylus, though.  NEED!


  1. Dude, that is awesome. I assume you used Brushes for this?

  2. sketchbook pro, actually. its what he bought. it's actually better than Brushes, in my opinion, many more options. haven't tried Brushes on the ipad though...

  3. I think you're confusing "need" with "want"? Just a thought...