ipad girl

curious, i headed to the local apple shop and played with the ipad for about an hour.  half of that hour was fucking around and then trying to get a drawing app on the damn thing, as that was the aspect i was most interested in and wanted to try out.  why apple didn't put drawing apps on the demo machines is beyond me.  but i got one.  a free one call Adobe Ideas.  which is a really gimpy one.  the four colors you see here are the only ones available.  the biggest brush size is the one you see here.

couple of things, if you draw a quick circle, it turns out more like a hexagon because the app/ipad couldn't trace my finger fast enough i guess?  then there's the finger against glass annoyance, just doesn't flow like a pencil or even a stylus would, also not giving and pressure sensitivity.  also you have to draw with your wrist off the glass, or it thinks you're trying to scroll.

overall, it was really fun, though, drawing on a digital surface that large (as opposed to drawing on my iphone) just makes it that much better.  honestly, i was getting weary standing over the table it was sitting on, but had i been able to sit down and enjoy it, and really spent some time with a decent painting app, i think i could have turned out something pretty decent.  her eyes are far to close together.

honestly,  i could really see myself enjoying one of these things.  if only i had $400 dollars lying around somewhere...


  1. I was hoping for something better with Adobe Ideas. I saw in the app description that it was Vector based and you could import the files into Photoshop and Illustrator compatible formats when syncing via iTunes. I guess scalable graphics don't mean shit if you don't have the proper tools to create the good looking graphics in the first place.

  2. it is vector based. it exported a pdf for me to email and it's scalable as large as i want. but yeah, as long as we're making vector based graphics, where's the tools? rectangle and circle tools? some sort of straight line tool? color palette? even a pen tool may have been usable here... but, it is free too. i really wish i could have played with Brushes or Sketchbook Pro.