my dream as lived by Harold Lloyd

whilst surfing the webternet yesterday, i came across a list of the 13 most dangerous actors doing their own stunts or whatever it was, and found a feller named Harold Lloyd, who scaled the side of a building for a movie appropriately called "Safety Last (video)".  It was amusing to say the least, the part with the rope was faked, but the movie created an iconic image of him hanging from a clock tower, among others.

anyways, the reason this relates to me, is that, last night i had a dream where i was scaling a building entirely stolen from this movie.  i remember when i started the climb, the building looked about three stories tall, however, the higher up i got, the taller the building was.  my hands started getting tired and i remembered thinking about not being able to reach the top.  i then thought to myself, "if i'm dreaming, i could just let go and fly away."  but as realistic as this felt and as rationally stubborn as my brain was being, i decided not to "chance it."  in real life, the thought would have never crossed my mind.  i ended up not reaching the top or falling, but waking up realizing how close i was to a dreaming lucidly and feeling really disappointed for not jumping.

so, yeah... that's a story.  pencil.

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