jim lee bats

this weekend, i was flipping through some older issues of the all-star batman and robins.  jim lee draws the series with frank miller writing.  its a good story of what i have with AMAZING art, i think i'm missing the last few issues.  anyways, i came across this face shot of batman and stared and studied it for a good time.  not sure what it was about this particular shot that i really liked, but i looked at it long and hard.  now, two days later, i decided it would be fun to try and recall it as best i could from memory and this is what came out.  not nearly as sweet as its original, but coming close.  i tried finding the original online somewhere to post and see how it compared, but i failed.

wow, wasn't even close.  i had to know though...

jim lee is a god among men in my eyes.


  1. Are they still making this series? I have the first book and loved it. Waiting for a 2nd one to come out, not much of a month to month reader, prefer the collections. nice work.

  2. i dont think so, both jim and frank were so busy that it wasn't really a month to month comic anyways, just sort of a when-ever-they-got-to-it thing, which is probably why i never finished it cuz it got to be 2 or three months between issues and i forgot about it.