lack of effort can be liberating, awhile

would you rather have bad art or no art?  not necessarily pertaining to this particular blog (most of its horrid anyways), but as a universal question spanning all time and space.  you may ask, "how will we know if it is bad if we do not know good?".  well, lets just pretend it's built into us, like a sixth sense.  we know that everything created is hideous and ugly and uninspiring because our arty senses tingle.  would you rather have horrible art, music and literature - or no artists, musicians and writers at all?

“Popularity is the crown of laurel which the world puts on bad art. Whatever is popular is wrong.”
 -Oscar Wilde

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  1. This would never happen. Someone, somewhere would like the art (in whatever form) so it wouldn't be universally bad. Personnally,I can't imagine a world without art. That would be like living in a vacuum, which is impossible.