the rise

dear god, if the 2012 apocalypse is true and coming, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be zombies.
couple things wrong here i noticed after committing too far to change (or care), this must be a freshly buried corpse as his skin is nearly silky smooth.  and another thing, when the zombies rise, they should all be in suits and dresses, right?  that's what people get buried in, no?  one more thing, i plan on using this in a funeral ad today with a headline something to the effect of, "Creamation: Preventing the Zombie Uprising, One Urn at a Time."
pencil with ps touchup.

heres the spoof ad i gave one of the ad reps here.

she like it and sent it to the advertiser, hopefully he has a sense of humor...


  1. I think that zombie is badass.

  2. I like the implications of "CREAMation"

  3. Hey so I was showing a couple people your INSANE drawings and doing a little promoting for BBD and decided you should make this pic a Halloween-T. It is hilarious!!

    lil sis