well, excuuuuuussse me, princess

okay, so... sorry i haven't been uploading anything.  but guess what?  next post is big number hundy, and i'm taking a little more time on this one cuz i want it to look nice, or at least decent.  i've got some doodles i've done at work, but it would be sacreligious to post them before number hundro, right?  RIGHT?

also should mention our collective blog, excemasalad, that a few friends and i are collaborating on.  random, and awesome.

anyways, have faith, stead fast, and hopefully i'll finish this 100th post thing that i made into a deal and wish i hadn't (not really, all of the suggests were amazing!).  and if you didn't get the reference in the title of this post, check here.... if you did, plus one for you.  ahhh.... childhood.


  1. Are you waiting to post your 100th on your birthday by any chance???

  2. wow, that zelda cartoon looks awful

  3. You're losing me if you don't get something new on...