here's my character.  real name's maxwell cutler.  works in a college laboratory in atom splitting and molecule reformation division.  here's the original part, one day, during an experiment he gets caught in the atom reformer machine and becomes DISECTOR, sorta like dr. manhattan, but not as "all powerful."  he can disembody his limbs from himself, all while controlling a 10 foot radius of molecules around him, so that when his hands leave him, they can float in a force field of molecules around his hands.  if the hand leaves his sight, he is more or less "blind" to where his hand is going.  he also, has limited shapeshifting abilities as seen in the triangles.  basic shapes only, used as weapons, anything more complicated and he may not be able to return to normal.  anything entering his field of molecules is also game for reformation, making him a close combat kind of guy.  flight?  check... sorta.  his feet must stay on the ground, he can leave his feet, but must come back to them to become whole again.  he also possesses a heightened sense of feel for everything entering his field.  among many others, his biggest weakness is his torso & head, these must stay together at all times as vital organs are still present, making him still somewhat human.  however, shooting or chopping off his arms or legs are useless, they always come back.

good guy or bad guy?


  1. awesome idea!
    so if he took a chunk of metal, could he then transfer the metal molecules a into his hands/feet to become more dense? therefor, punching a hole in a wall would be no prob, right?

  2. He is a bad guy who kills all of the other bad guys.