and they call him... GRANG!

this is an honorable mention from the contest.  "best weapon" - submitted by my brother, kevin, with little to no description, only a rough sketch of his unique weaponry, which from the entry, was the only interesting thing about grang.  but it was enough, as it is extremely unique in that i've never thought of it before, and i stand to argue that there's a lot of potential in any kind of backstory you want to give him.  design was pretty much left up to me, so i imagined him in a sort of middle-earth setting, given his primitively mechanical weapon.  hence the whole 'armor' look.  any other story beyond that is up to kev.... (ahem!)

below is a rough sketch of how his weapons work.  the swords rotates on his forearm for elbow stabbing "mo-fos" from behind to whipping it around and sticking it right through the "mo-fos" jugular in front of him.  it wasn't mentioned, but i like to imagine them also as being fully rotational and having the ability to act like lawn mower blades whirling at each side.  the only problem i found with it, was that they're always out, so i figured he could detach them and hook them on his belt or something...

otherwise, great job and thanks for the submission!


  1. well it certainly looks a hell of a lot better than i thought it would look. my first sketch has this muscle bound ugly salamander looking dude (hence the rough monster-sounding name) sporting rough medieval garb. and now that he is a devilishly handsome knight, i've got my work cut out for me to write a story.
    I love the way this guy looks. but i might ask you to draw the ugly salamander too. thus giving him an alter ego. i'll work on the transformation between the two.
    amazing picture.
    great idea about the knives being detachable.
    any more honorable mentions to look forward too?

  2. I like this! Like a medieval Taxi Driver weapon.

    -David Gilbert